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Waterfox G4.1.0 update sets Startpage as the default search engine for private tabs.

ByVirginia D. Bannon

Apr 7, 2022

Waterfox has been updated to version G4.1.0 which introduces a new feature called Tab Unloading. It also fixes some bugs and adds some new options.

Waterfox G4 is once again compatible with SSE 4.1 processors

There was an outcry among users in the Waterfox community when G4 debuted last year and dropped support for SSE 4.1 compatible CPUs. This meant computers had to be upgraded to an SSE 4.2 chipset to use the browser, which isn’t exactly practical for those on a tight budget or relying on older hardware that can’t be upgraded. easily upgraded without replacing other components. Users with a computer powered by an SSE 4.1 processor can now rejoice, as Waterfox G4.1.10 once again supports legacy systems. The reduction of the minimum system requirements was mentioned in the release notes for the latest version.

Unloading tabs in Waterfox G4

Waterfox G4 automatically unloads inactive tabs when your computer runs out of memory. You can optionally enable a setting for “Show unload tab menu item” in the tab context menu, which you can use to unload tabs manually.

Unloading tabs in Waterfox G4

This is similar to what the popular Auto Tab Discard add-on does.

Unload tab in the Waterfox menu

Start page is default search engine in private tab and private window

Waterfox G4 brings an important change, Startpage is the default search engine for private tabs and private windows. It’s an unusual move, but not entirely surprising given that Waterfox was acquired by System1 and the company owns a stake in Startpage.com.

What does this mean for users? Suppose a user uses DuckDuckGo as their primary search engine and updates Waterfox G4.1.10. When they run a query, the browser won’t use DuckDuckGo for the search and will instead use StartPage for the task. This can be a problem for those who dislike the service or are fans of other search engines. That said, it’s not a big deal, as you can switch to another search engine quite easily.

How to Change the Default Private Search Engine in Waterfox

1. Go to the Waterfox Preferences page.

2. Click “Search” in the sidebar.

How to Change the Default Private Search Engine in Waterfox

3. A few new settings are available in Waterfox G4.1.0, under the default search engine section.

4. If you are using a different search engine, as your primary regular browsing provider, simply check the box next to “Use this search engine in private windows”, and Waterfox will respect the preference and use it for searches in private browsing mode. .

How to set the default private search engine in Waterfox

You can also set a different search engine for private windows using the drop-down menu. This allows you to use two search engines, one for regular browsing and another for incognito mode.

Disable automatic updates for Waterfox

Users can now disable automatic browser updates from the Waterfox Updates section of the about:preferences#general page. Toggle the option to “Never check for updates” This can be useful in specific usage scenarios, such as if you only want to update the app manually, or when an extension stops working with a new version, or that a site becomes incompatible, or if you just want to wait a few days before updating the browser.

Disable automatic updates for Waterfox

Fixes in Waterfox G4.1.0

The about:addons page now lists extension name version numbers. Chrome Web Store extensions are compatible with Waterfox again. A bug that caused mouse back and forward buttons to trigger middle click has been fixed. Non-private tabs should no longer be restored as private tabs.

There are currently no known issues in Waterfox G4.1.0. The browser did not detect the update for me and said G4.0.8 was up to date, I had to install it manually. You can download the latest version from its official site or the GitHub deposit.

What do you think of the changes in Waterfox G4.1.0?


Waterfox G4.1.0 sets Startpage as the default search engine for private tabs.

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Waterfox G4.1.0 sets Startpage as the default search engine for private tabs.

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Waterfox G4.1.0 sets Startpage as the default search engine for private tabs. We show you how to change the setting to use a different search engine.




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