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Use this cool search engine to find Maine Girl Scout cookie sales

ByVirginia D. Bannon

Apr 12, 2022

We’ve got the inside information on how to find in-person Girl Scout cookie sales in your neighborhood.

Have you received your Girl Scout cookies yet?

Buying the delicious cookies once a year was easy for my husband and I this year because his niece was selling them. We bought five boxes and, I hate to admit it, we only took one bite. Now we would like to have a few more boxes to store in the closet. (Yeah, right. They’ll last a day…maybe two) But, once the ordering process is complete and the cookies arrive, how do you find more?

How can I get them if I missed the order deadline?

It’s actually very easy. There is an online search engine that can hook you up with cookies in your neighborhood or at the very least a short drive away. When I was a Girl Scout (in the Dark Ages), people either placed their orders during the cookie drive or they were just out of luck. Now the cookies are sold in pop-up locations across the state. I walked out of Brewer Walmart yesterday and saw a table set outside with a group of smiling young women handing out Samoas, Thin Mints and all the other amazing cookie flavors.

To get your cookies, simply go to the Maine Girls Scouts website and enter your zip code in the Cookie Finder search engine. A list of locations will appear, along with the days and times the treats will be on sale. It’s that simple.

Are Girl Scouts more than cookies?

You will also find lots of information about Girl Scouts and how to get involved. I was a Girl Scout in my college years, most notably at Camp Natarswi in Millinocket, in the shadow of Mount Katahdin. It’s more than cookies.

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