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The 76% rise of Microsoft Sites in 10 years eats away at the American soil of the Google search engine

ByVirginia D. Bannon

May 17, 2022

By Edith Muthoni, Author/Finance Expert at TradingPlatforms

Image Source: Trading Platforms

Google is successful in its home country and beyond. It is the leading search engine in several critical online marketplaces. Also, it is usually responsible for the majority of desktop search traffic. According to TradingPlatform, the tech giant has a 94.19% market share in India. Again, it accounts for most of the search engine market worldwide.

“It is not a recent development that Google has established itself as the dominant search engine in India. As of July 2021, Google held a virtual monopoly over the Indian cellular web search industry with a stake of 99 .68% of the market. Says Edith Reads of Tradingplatforms. She went further saying: “Other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Yande have never posed a threat to Google. They only share 6% of the entire Indian market.

The dominance of Google search engine in India is marvellous. Moreover, its security measures are attractive to locals, making it the best shot. Thus, the probability of Google maintaining its dominance is very high. For example, most phone companies install Google as their default internet browser, which leads to increased usage as a search engine.

Google’s online dominance

If you are looking for something online, a Google search will automatically appear. The Google search engine offers a wide variety of web products and services that are easily linked.

It is therefore difficult to envisage online dating without Google. Search and ads are the two most important aspects of Google’s business model, as they generate the bulk of sales revenue.

Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google’s control over various other clients, and enterprise services contribute to Google’s status as a one-stop-shop for virtually all Internet needs.

Google Antitrust Rulings

Google’s dominance in the search engine market is often not welcome. For this, it is closely watched by the officials and the gendarmes of the sector. The European Commission has fined Google nearly 8 billion euros for various infringements over the past two years. This includes exploiting its dominant position in internet advertisements.

The last penalty was 1.5 billion euros in March 2019. At that time, the European commission proved that Google had violated antitrust laws. They imposed contractual limits on third-party websites to make them less effective.

Google’s unique strategy to grow

Google showcased user-friendly innovations and upgrades during Google I/O 2022. Plus, they also make it easier to fix many common issues.

Several enhancements to Google Maps, Google Translate, and Google Search are available. These new features endeared Google to more users, improving the user base.

Since its appearance, Google search has always provided relevant information. Nevertheless, some users believe that the accuracy of the information is unclear. Thus, the improved artificial intelligence in the search engine will improve the search experience for many users.

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