• Tue. Jun 14th, 2022

New censorship-free search engine SearchRockit.com extends information beyond big tech with improved privacy

ByVirginia D. Bannon

Jun 2, 2022

My research. My company.

“I’m just sick of seeing only what big tech thought I wanted to see, and it’s getting worse. Now big tech is capitalizing on the privacy rights of their bosses by compiling their search behavior via cookies and selling it to advertisers and the government – Steve Marshall, Founder of SearchRockit.com

SearchRockit™ accesses information beyond big tech by adding over 1.2 billion unique URLs, including images and videos. The search engine is powered by Gibiru ™ – and uses Wormhole Technology ™, a system that modifies the search algorithm of big technologies, which not only eliminates the tracking cookies they install on the computers of its users, but allows It also allows customers to make queries without being subjected to “personalization,” major search engines insist. The benefits are queries with 256-bit https encryption, no tracking cookies, and no selling of data or logs.

With big tech web censorship creating barriers to free speech, the suppression of information is becoming more commonplace and SearchRockit™ will soon have the ability to access censored content, images and videos.

SearchRockit™ also has the advantage of faster search speeds than NSA search engines because it doesn’t install all kinds of customization and tracking cookies on your system.

SearchRockit™ offers a free mobile version on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

SearchRockit™ is a privately held, US-based company committed to a more robust search experience.

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