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Link City launches a free call on link building strategy

ByVirginia D. Bannon

Mar 21, 2022

Glasgow, March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Link City was established in January 2020 by Craig Dewart, an SEO specialist with two decades of industry experience. With a proven track record of delivering successful link building strategies for clients around the world, Craig’s mission was to break through a crowded market and deliver a link building service that had real business impact.

In just over 24 months, Craig has built an industry-leading outbound link building agency. His plan has been proven with hundreds of clients in hundreds of niches in the UK and beyond, helping them rank higher in search engines and drive conversions online.

To celebrate this growing success, Link City is thrilled to launch a Free Strategy Call initiative for new customers. For 30 minutes, Managing Director Craig and his team of specialists will dive deeper into the client’s business goals and share the blueprint of link building strategies that made them successful in such a short time.

Below, we describe Link City’s recently launched toll-free strategic call initiative and provide insight into their rapid growth and success in a crowded market:

What new customers can expect from the Link Building Strategy Free Call initiative:

The purpose of the free 30-minute link building strategy phone call or online chat is twofold.

First, Link City will outline its blueprint for successful link building strategies. Clients can detail their business goals, share their experiences with link building agencies in the past and benefit from personalized advice from the UK’s leading link building agency.

Second, it’s an opportunity for Craig and the team to show why their link building services have been so successful in an industry bogged down by substandard agencies with often unaffordable costs. Extremely passionate and confident in their service, Link City is focused on quality links, quality content, and quality strategies that drive business growth.

Learn how to run a link building campaign, based on a proven plan:

Link City creates affordable, tailored links that have a large-scale impact on your website traffic and conversions. During the call, Link City will detail how they curate a personalized backlink profile using a host of techniques to deliver structured, relevant, and authoritative backlinks to your website.

A typical campaign is weighted according to the following breakdown:

  • 10% – Personal Blogger Networks
  • 20% – Digital press releases
  • 30% – Niche Changes
  • 40% – Guest Posts

For more information on this proven campaign approach, visit the Link City website. Alternatively, Craig and the team are happy to provide insight on the free 30 minute strategy call.

Find out why a successful link building strategy is crucial in a digitally driven world:

As a thought leader in the world of online link building, Link City is on a mission to further enhance its reputation as a team of specialists that customers can rely on. The new Free 30-Minute Strategy Call initiative plays a vital role in that mission, providing insight and advice on how to make link building a success for your business or brand.

Managing Director Craig Dewart is passionate about helping his clients stop throwing money at the same outdated link building agencies that promise a lot but don’t deliver. He believes that with a successful strategy, businesses can grow exponentially, ultimately automating website traffic and conversions, so business owners can focus their time on the things that really matter, like their quality of life. .

Undoubtedly, link building is a powerful tool which, if successful, can help businesses dominate online markets, rank higher in search engines such as Google and Bing, drive traffic relevant to websites and increase online conversions.

Who can benefit from the Link City link building strategy free call initiative:

The initiative will appeal to those who have some working knowledge of link building but need expert advice on how to make it a success, as well as seasoned professionals who want a team that can take the reins and deliver results on their behalf.

As already mentioned, link building strategies are crucial for online business. Any company, brand or individual who wants to be competitive online and rank well in search engines to drive their business growth can benefit from this initiative.

About Link City

Link City is a UK based link building agency that provides high quality affordable links that move the needle. Focused on quality links, our proven plan has proven itself with customers around the world. We curate a bespoke backlink profile using a host of techniques to deliver structured, relevant and authoritative backlinks to your site. Find out more via the website: https://link-city.co/

Link City Launch Free Link Building Strategy Call Initiative for New Clients Following Rapid Success and Growth of Agency