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Link-able is changing the dynamics of content marketing and link building during a global recession

ByVirginia D. Bannon

May 8, 2020

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., May 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the world locked down at home right now, businesses need to adapt and focus more than ever on their online marketing strategy. Link-able, a unique platform that connects companies with elite authors, helps companies increase their website traffic while helping authors find work-from-home jobs by building links during this recession.

COVID-19 has increased internet usage by 70%, creating a content marketing opportunity for businesses like never before. Sites see more traffic through an increase in online users.

As marketing budgets have plummeted and companies are cutting various advertising channels to mitigate risk during this economic downturn, SEO is still proving to be a profitable channel. Companies are concentrating their budgets and investing more of their marketing efforts in SEO. And of course, backlinks are one of Google’s most important factors, making this a great time to focus on building quality links and start driving unprecedented traffic to their website.

Link-able aims to help businesses with this task by connecting them with exceptionally talented freelance writers who can build quality backlinks for SEO and PR. Simultaneously, the platform also helps talented freelancers with a passion for writing to find jobs from home.

“Link-able’s vision is to help talented freelance writers earn more for their writing by giving them a convenient way to do so while the economy is at its worst since 2008.” – Jay Douglas (Founder of Link-able)

Building quality backlinks can be tricky; it takes a lot of time and work. With Link-able, businesses can simply sign up for their client account and post link-building work, outlining their SEO and PR goals. After a review process (Link-able only allows quality websites with good content), clients will then be matched relevantly with writers in their industry who they can hire to build backlinks quality whites.

Freelance writers on the platform are thoroughly vetted and tested for their writing abilities and SEO knowledge. Link-able also has strict link building guidelines in place for authors, as both private blog networks and paid blogs are in circulation.

Link-able is on the other side of the spectrum compared to other popular gig-economy platforms due to its focus on quality and a strong commitment to helping customers and freelancers succeed.

Connecting and building relationships with the right freelance writers opens up a whole new dimension of content marketing and can expand the reach of online marketing efforts during this recession.

The procedure to get started is simple:

  • Businesses in need of quality link building can simply create a client account and post their first job.
  • Talented freelance writers looking for work can view the writer requirements and apply to become a linkable writer.

To learn more about Link-able, visit their website at https://link-able.com. For more information or to make a press request, please call (847) 807-7409 or email [email protected].

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