• Tue. Jun 14th, 2022

Whether you are a small business owner or a multinational corporation, it is very important for your business that it ranks well in the search engines. Adopting strategies to boost your search engine optimization or SEO is therefore a necessity if you want to educate your target audience, gain massive traffic to your website, and hopefully convert a good chunk of that traffic into customers. paying.

To improve your SEO, you absolutely must have quality content to offer on your site and this can be through blog articles, infographics or even marketing and explanatory videos. But another thing that you need to improve your SEO ranking is link building.

What is link building?

Link building is where you aim to improve your search engine ranking by having relevant website links to any of the available pages on your site. Note that for search engines, quality takes precedence over quantity, so to have top-notch websites that link to pages on your site you will need to produce highly relevant, informative, educational and entertaining content that would be candidates. of choice to receive comments or shared and linked by other websites.

Search engines like Google will give your site a high ranking on search engine result pages or SERPs when they see that your content is linked to various web pages on the World Wide Web.

As mentioned earlier, quantity doesn’t really matter, but quality does. So what matters is the value and quality of the links, not how many links there are.

Imagine that your website content is linked to a site that entertains hundreds of thousands of visitors and views every month. It is indeed a tempting prospect and one to which search engines like Google tend to give a lot of preference when it comes to SERPs.

Connecting is about building relationships

Webmasters tend to view sites that drive traffic to the website they manage. If a webmaster sees that your site provides rich, relevant, superior and valuable content that will be of great benefit to their own site visitors, you may even be contacted to see if your content can be reposted on their site.

This is a relationship that you would want to establish, as you might also be asked to provide content directly to these sites as a guest contributor, which would ultimately be beneficial for your own purposes.

Meet relevant influencers from the industry

You can start building relationships by putting together a short list of potential influencers who you think would serve as fantastic partners for your link building goal. There are free tools you can use to help you find influencers you can partner with to promote your website content.

However, to build such relationships you can join industry relevant forums where you can meet influencers and start a conversation with them starting with letting them know who you are and what exactly your business is all about.