• Tue. Jun 14th, 2022

DuckDuckGo wants to be more than a search engine

DuckDuckGo is perhaps best known for its privacy-focused search engine, but following the success of its all-in-one privacy apps and extensions, the company is currently developing its own browser.

Since making the decision to go beyond private search in 2018, the company’s apps and privacy extensions have been downloaded more than 150 million times. In addition to providing users with a search engine, DuckDuckGo’s mobile app also lets you browse the web privately.

Now in a new blog postDuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg revealed that the company is working on a desktop browser that will redefine users’ expectations for everyday online privacy. Unlike other browsers, DuckDuckGo for desktop won’t have complicated settings, misleading warnings, or “levels” of privacy protection. Instead, the company’s browser will offer robust privacy protection that works by default for search, browsing, email, and more.

While browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, and others use Chromium, DuckDuckGo builds its desktop app around the rendering engines provided by the operating system, much like the company does on mobile. This will allow it to eliminate the clutter that has built up over the years in most major browsers.

DuckDuckGo Annual Review

While we’ll likely hear more about DuckDuckGo’s desktop browser next year, the company spent 2021 bolstering its all-in-one privacy solution with new enhancements and features designed to help users regain their privacy. .

The company this year announced the beta of its free Email Protection email forwarding service, which removes trackers in your email and protects the privacy of your personal email address without requiring users to switch to. another courier service.

Last month, DuckDuckGo released its App Tracking Protection beta feature in its Android app to block third-party trackers from companies like Google and Facebook that often lurk in other apps. Interested users can join the waitlist through the company’s DuckDuckGo Android app to test app tracking protection for themselves.

Finally, DuckDuckGo made a number of improvements to its search results this year, including giving its search results page a more streamlined and modern design, while continuing to refine and improve its local, map and search results. routes. However, other enhancements made by the company include a new instant response to translations, revamped weather definitions and responses, custom data range filtering, more filters on images, and upgrades to advanced search. .

With 2022 just around the corner, you might be trying to find a New Years resolution and if you’re struggling to find one why not improve your privacy and security by trying DuckDuckGo, installing an antivirus, using a VPN and store your credentials securely with a password manager?

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