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Dr.Evidence™ expands capabilities of AI-powered medical search engine

ByVirginia D. Bannon

Feb 28, 2022

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dr. Evidence™, the leading medical intelligence platform for life science companies, today announced groundbreaking enhancements to its market-leading medical research solution, DocSearch. DocSearch expanded its coverage to include worldwide patents and grants to its database and included the ability to identify new connections and generate hypotheses based on published literature with a Drugs-Targets module.

DocSearch is a real-time AI-powered specialized medical search engine that generates actionable insights based on the universe of published medical information, real-world evidence and proprietary data. With the addition of the new Drugs-Targets module, it becomes possible to obtain more of the published literature by establishing links between chemicals, targets and diseases, helping to identify previously unrealized links. This literature-based approach to discovery offers researchers the opportunity to explore a wide range of new hypotheses.

“This expanded functionality leads to potential breakthroughs by connecting existing knowledge in the literature in new ways,” said Arturo Devesa, research manager at Dr. Evidence. “Using the principle of Swanson Linking, we can uncover previously hidden connections between supposedly unrelated concepts in the biomedical literature and see possibilities emerge, leading to new hypotheses, in silico drug target profiling, research to identify the target and to the disease-drug-target research to discover links and associations.

In addition to the Drugs-Targets module, DocSearch has added worldwide patents (25 million) and grants (600,000) to its database. The addition of these new data sources will support more robust and comprehensive searches and will be instrumental in an upcoming DocSearch feature, Literature Lifecycle Visualization. The visualization will allow users to follow the literature lifecycle of a drug or treatment end-to-end, from grant to clinical trial to PubMed publication, patent, FDA label , conventions, news and social media.

Dr.Evidence Managing Director Bob Battista said, “The significant expansion of DocSearch’s capabilities and data sources directly addresses the needs of our life sciences customers. We are committed to rapidly advancing the Dr.Evidence platform to positively impact the lives of patients by uncovering insights that drive innovation.

About Dr. Evidence™

Dr.Evidence™ is the leading medical intelligence platform for life science companies that enables teams to identify breakthrough insights based on the vast universe of published medical information, real-world evidence and proprietary data. It pushes the boundaries of health technology and opens up new scientific possibilities, enabling more informed decision-making and faster time-to-market for accelerated impact.