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Difference Between Digital PR and Link Building

ByVirginia D. Bannon

May 19, 2022

Link building and digital PR are crucial elements in giving any online business unparalleled visibility. online presence. While these two SEO strategies are essential for building a strong online presence, they are quite different. A few moments before going through the differences between link building and digital building, it is useful to know the definition of these two SEO concepts.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a type of online marketing strategy that aims to increase brand awareness using different online strategies. Digital PR is a lot like traditional PR. However, digital PR allows brands to connect with a wider audience. That brands cannot otherwise reach through offline methods. Digital public relations involves the use of internet-based methods, such as content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and influencer research.

What is link building?

Link building is a process of building material links, otherwise known as hyperlinks or links to a site from external sources. The essence of link building is to provide a site with quality links to authoritative internal websites. The higher the quality of high-quality links offered by a website, the higher the chances of a website being ranked among the top search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Differences between link building and digital PR

Link building and digital PR are essential online marketing strategies used by business owners to take their business to the next level. Nevertheless, there are significant differences between digital PR and link building. Check out this overview of these two online marketing and SEO strategies.


The best way to explain how digital PR is different from link building is to look at how the two work. Link building is about link builders working with professional keyword researchers to build the specific links they can use to prevent a website’s link decline. The process can be quite technical and can also keep your business at the center of all advertising ideas. Moreover, the link building process focuses on increasing traffic to a website. Link builders focus on getting quality links by working with bloggers who help them create quality infographics. These bloggers also help link builders as they work with smaller niche websites to gain valuable links.

Although the public does not read these sites like regular news publications, these sites are relevant to the specific content that the hyperlinks are pushing. Google examines the extent to which hyperlinks are applicable to a website, such as South Florida Caribbean News (SFLCN). All link building campaigns are only successful if they can help websites improve their search engine rankings.

Digital PR, however, uses a different strategy than link building. The cornerstone of digital PR is research. Professionals working for online sites specializing in digital PR work closely with SEO teams to learn more about digital PR and better understand what exactly goes on behind the scenes. Digital PR managers focus on helping clients get noticed and also come up with ideas that contribute to a serious digital conversation.

An effective digital PR strategy focuses on online marketers and how professionals in this field can make a difference for online marketers. Digital PR teams also work with well-known sites, online publications, and journalists to give potential and existing customers something to talk about.


Apart from the methods that link the construction and use of digital PRs, the other difference is the purpose that these two aim to achieve. For example, link builders have their eyes on price. They strive to impress Google and other search engines to get higher rankings on those search engines.

However, digital PR looks at ways to impress people and come up with something people will talk about. Digital PR experts focus on getting something engaging that people can talk about, helping them improve their search engine rankings.

Additionally, digital PR works for companies that are striving for a positive public perception. Using digital PR for your marketing efforts, you will need to use social media alongside your site to generate traffic. Digital PR professionals also use social media to research queries. These professionals also use long-tail keywords to promote their search rankings. In the process, digital PR professionals improve their social media profiles, ultimately helping those profiles rank in Google searches with their company’s website.


Digital PR campaigns require a greater investment than link building campaigns. Digital PR campaigns require a lot of preparation, which can take a few months before these campaigns start to run smoothly. Digital search campaigns require a lot of research to be successful. Actors running public relations campaigns should obtain Comments with clients before formulating their digital PR campaigns. Such lengthy processes can make these campaigns more expensive and risky.

Link building is a bigger investment than digital PR because it takes less time for website owners to identify valuable links that they will use in their link building efforts. Plus, unlike digital PR, link building doesn’t require a lot of time. Running a hyperlink campaign is less risky than running a digital PR campaign.


Link building focuses on a targeted audience approach. This audience includes a group of people who frequent the site on which you place the hyperlinks. Therefore, link building offers a more concise approach to online marketing, specifically to help online marketers. Digital marketing is not about targeting a specific audience.

It focuses on anyone looking for specific information online. In particular, about a business and the products and services the business offers to potential and existing customers. Simply put, digital PR marketing focuses on improving a brand’s popularity with people who may not necessarily be familiar with the brand. All digital PR campaigns aim to build a brand’s presence and popularity.


Digital PR and link building are two important online marketing strategies. Although these strategies may seem to serve the same purpose, they are quite different from each other. Whether you choose digital PR or link building for your online marketing campaign, it would be helpful to consider which of the two strategies can work well for your online marketing efforts. Especially if you rely on SEO to market your business.