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DeepDAO launches search engine to find financial and membership data for DAOs

ByVirginia D. Bannon

Jan 28, 2022

In short

  • DAO analytics site DeepDAO has launched a new search engine feature.
  • New features make it easier for users to find information on more than 4,000 DAOs.

A key function of CAD is to make the management of funds, resources, and people within these online communities as transparent as possible, but finding, searching, and connecting with these diverse groups can often be difficult for all but the most power-savvy users. of technology.

DAO analysis site DeepDAO yesterday launched a new search engine to make it easier to find answers to the most common DAO-related questions.

DAOs have recently become a popular way to organize online groups, such as for a new startup or a NFT project, which are usually governed using a cryptocurrency or token. Launched February 2020, based in Tel Aviv DeepDAO is a data aggregator and analytics site for DAOs, currently listing over 4,100 organizations. DeepDAO says it ranks DAOs using several key metrics, such as membership and assets under management.

DeepDAO Founder and CEO Eyal Eithcowich said Decrypt that the idea for DeepDAO came as a member of the Genesis Alpha DAO. He said he wanted to see the inner workings of DAO governance, the primary voters, who creates the most proposals, who votes and with whom, and who wins and loses.

But the Genesis Alpha DAO team didn’t have time to create an explorer, he said, so he decided to do it himself.

“People loved it so I started adding DAOs and platforms, and here we are, with thousands of DAOs and more to come,” he said.

According to DeepDAO, sorting through 4,100 organizations with a combined $8.2 billion cash under management takes time. DeepDAO says this new search engine feature allows users to avoid lengthy searches and quickly find the information they want. For example, a DAO’s largest bagholders, user governance profiles, and interactions.

DeepDAO seems to be the first platform to include this amount of information in one place. While sites like DeFi Pulse, DAOlist, and DeFi Prime may contain financial information about different projects and their tokens, DeepDAO goes above and beyond by providing the wallet the addresses and, in some cases, the names of DAO members, as well as links to other DAOs that share the same members.

Eithcowich said Decrypt that DeepDAO collects its information from various sources, including directly from the DAO block chain, using APIs to extract data, while the DeepDAO team organizes the information they collect about treasuries and governance systems. Eithcowich said the biggest challenge is to model and standardize all of this data and integrate it into a single dashboard.

DeepDAO was initially funded by a $3 million seed round led by venture capital firm Hypersphere Ventures. Although the project is not yet generating revenue, it plans to offer premium services to DAOs in the future, such as data explorers and access to its API.


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