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Big Search Network Introduces Tokenomic Search Engine Mechanism and Promises Tempting Rewards

ByVirginia D. Bannon

Jun 6, 2022

A web3 search engine mechanism that facilitates instant search in the downpour

great research Network (BSN) made history as the first tokenomic search engine mechanism. Now available on Pancake Swap, the BSN token can be traded to increase users’ financial benefits. BSN is structurally designed to facilitate instant search of documents, emails, music files, images, videos and a host of multimedia content in weather aversion. To discover and preview any document in the web3 space using BSN, users only need to use their computer.

Apart from the fact that BSN is an effective way to optimize workflow and performance, users are also assured of great financial rewards. Upon registering for a member account, users can search for items through the BSN search engine to claim amazing rewards. On BSN, each web3 search attracts a bonus point which can be redeemed as tokens on pancakeswap. Thanks to this, users not only benefit from access to any type of document or content in the metaverse, but also from obtaining tokens, which makes them financially strong and independent.

To withdraw rewards, members must have a minimum of 2000 tokens in their accounts. Provided the tokens (nodes) are available in their accounts, members can be assured of daily bonuses or rewards. However, if all nodes are removed, users will not have access to bonuses and their accounts will be blocked. Additionally, the amount of revenue to be received is highly dependent on the total tokens in the user’s account. This implies that the more members use the search engine, the more tokens they get and the more tokens available in their accounts, the more daily rewards they earn. More soon NBSthere is a token deposit limit on nodes, starting from a minimum of 2000, with a 20% withdrawal fee.

“BSN allows you to perform an instant search on your computer. The search engine helps you find and preview documents, email messages, music files, photos and other items in the downpour encountered. It supports indexing of encrypted documents from local file systems, reduces the effect on Microsoft Exchange when indexing emails in online mode, and there is no local cache (.ost), supports indexing of online delegated mailboxes, supports client-to-client remote query to shared indexed locations, improves indexing performance, and more. On Big Search, search everything in the metaverse,” the company spokesperson said.

Video link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCUhL8dZt4a3lbsLhhafFfdg

For more information, visit bigsearch.network

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