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All About Link Building Strategy in SEO

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Ranking on the first page of Google

Ranking on the first page of Google

Link building - Paramarketing.gr

Link building – Paramarketing.gr

If you have a website and want to increase your sales, you should get to the first page of Google with some of the keywords your customers use to find your service or product on the internet.

—John Divramis

LARISSA, THESSALY, GREECE, Jan. 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Learn the definition of link building, in order of the different technical factors to consider in every website strategy. Follow the basic mindset terms, so that every link building action that is taken will be even more SEO effective.

Definition of Link Building – Link Building is the process of creating new links between other websites and a single page of the owner’s site. More simply, it’s a way to approach various sites, blogs and even e-shops. This is an attempt to mention the advertising site and this reference is made in the form of hypertext links called backlinks.

Definition of backlinks – Backlinks are defined as “votes of trust”. The more backlinks or “trust votes” a site has, the more Google will trust that site to include in its search results. A backlink can be a link from a banner that will include an image with a company logo. Alternatively, it can also be an article that includes the company profile or a specific product or service provided, or even a link from a comment to a blog related to a site’s business activity.

Things to look for in a link building strategy – Knowing about SEO and link building, the ideal condition during the link building process is that all backlinks come to the owner’s site in a natural or better organic way like defined by Google itself through the Paramarketing.gr directive, without risking a penalty. The way to achieve this factor is to choose reliable sites, with topics related to the subject of the owner’s site, to refer to the content of it. Finally, the anchor text of the hyperlinks should have different shapes, giving a natural and unsophisticated substance to the site.

Website Relevance and Reliability in SEO and Link Building Knowledge – A key thing to emphasize is the relevance of the site being addressed to the subject matter of the client’s site.

It is not fair that a client markets, for example, anatomical shoes and that the SEO agent approaches a site that deals with different subjects such as furniture. An ideal goal is to approach a site that talks about the use of anatomical shoes. Topic relevance plays an important role in Google and is taken into account for the organic ranking of the website in search results.

Type of links that can be built – There are different forms of links that can be built, but before talking about the types of links, one thing to clarify is the meaning of the anchor text, which can shape the whole link differently . Anchor text is the set of visible characters and words that appear as hyperlinks to link a document, image, or webpage to another webpage. The anchor text should be different from the rest of the text font and is usually found with underlined and bold characters.

Different Types of Links to Build – Some of the different types of links to use in SEO and link building are:

• Brand links, links with anchor text to a client’s brand
• Keyword links, defining in an anchor text a specific keyword to be targeted in SEO for a specific category
• Keywords without hyperlink
• Generalized call-to-action buttons such as “Learn more” or “Click here”

It is very important when link building strategy to have a variety of links and anchor texts, which should be used in as many forms and variations as possible. In this way, the natural and varied reporting of a site is achieved in the eyes of Google. Considering all the above technical parameters, everyone should be able to design a successful SEO link building strategy. But since it all starts with communicating with other sites, special attention should be paid to how and what components the communication will contain.

Link Building & Communication – Whether oral or written, when asking other sites to talk about the owner’s, keep the following rules in mind:

• why it is worth contacting this contact
• what form the cooperation takes
• value that whoever speaks for us, will win

Given an example, if you want to talk to the content editor of a news site or someone who writes articles on a personal blog, in both cases the style and content of the text to be published must be clear. , i.e. the owner’s site. A key communication that should be included is the “feeling of reciprocity”. Let’s talk about who will talk about us, knowing that he will gain value through cooperation that will start, for example, increase traffic through a strong brand.

In order to carry out a link building strategy in SEO, a new & enriched interpretation must be given to the term Link Building as follows: Link Building is not only about building reliable, reliable & natural organic backlinks to a site, but also relates to the process of building relationships with other site owners, related to our topic, who wish to link our site to theirs, so that the content provides value to theirs. Unlike the case of a professional of the kind, SEO is a specific task that has a lot to offer in a business website and must be carried out by people related to it. Paramarketing.gr is the right agency for SEO and link building, with many years of experience in the field.

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