• Tue. Jun 14th, 2022

8 Link Building Tactics You Might Want to Use in 2022

The more backlinks your site has, the higher its position in search engine results and the more visitors it receives. Read this article to learn how to build backlinks for your website in 2022!

To drive more traffic to your website, you need to know how to get the most out of link building services. The process of building backlinks for your web resource is not too expensive, but it does require a lot of time and effort. What is most important, you need to have knowledge, skill and maybe patience. In this article, we will list eight simple and effective methods that will allow you to get hundreds of links to your website.

Use broken links

Some businesses in your industry might move to a new URL or close permanently. You can search for their links on various sites and replace them with your own. Get in touch with the owners of the sites that have shared these links. Explain to them that the content you are offering them is relevant to the topic. Most likely, they will only be happy to replace broken links with yours because they want their content to be helpful to visitors.

Get your own links

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Find mentions of your brand on different sites
  2. Get in touch with site owners and ask them if they can add a link to your site in their texts

On the internet, you can find many tools that should make the process of finding mentions of your brand easier.

Write guest posts

You should compile a list of high authority websites that accept guest posts and get in touch with them. If they want to collaborate, you will write a unique informative article for each of them. Your articles should be relevant to each site’s respective topic. Instead of directly promoting your business, you should provide in-text links to your site.

Create a top notch infographic that will go viral

Did you just do some research? Are you ready to share some business ideas? Next, ask your designer to visualize the information in an aesthetically appealing way. Create an HTML code snippet to embed the infographic on a web page. Add the image link to your site. Submit the result of your work to infographic sharing websites or pitch it to bloggers in your niche.

Submit your products to bloggers

At first glance, things may seem very easy. You find bloggers reviewing products in your niche, get in touch with them, and ask if you can send them one or more articles for free in exchange for a favor. But that would be a mistake! Google’s Webmaster Guidelines prohibit asking for reviews and links in exchange for things. That’s why you have to be very careful with your words. You can safely pitch your products to bloggers and then leave them guessing what to do next.

Publish viral content on your site

If your brand guidelines allow it, you might consider posting the following types of content:

  • Recent news
  • Curious facts
  • Quiz
  • Pictures of cute animals
  • Shocking content
  • humorous content

People will share it organically with their friends and you will get lots of new links.

Speak at profile events

You can benefit from speaking at profile conferences, meetups, and other types of events in the following ways:

  • You will prove that you know your job perfectly and people will start to trust you
  • Before the event, its organizers will publish the list of speakers on their official website – and they will also share the link to your site there.
  • If you have already established relationships with some bloggers, you can also invite them to the event – ​​and they will mention the link to your site in their cover.

If you’re not much of a public speaking person, you should probably ignore this advice. There are plenty of other link building methods to choose from, so you can focus on the ones you feel most comfortable with.

Leave comments on blogs and forums

You can use Reddit, Quora, or any other platform relevant to your niche. It would be a good idea to give the link to your site in your profile — but you should avoid posting this link directly in discussions. Instead, you need to prove that you have expert knowledge in your field and are willing to share valuable information with others. Only after you have built a reputation, you might consider inviting people to visit your site.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this article informative and have a better understanding of how to build backlinks for your website. Use the broken links and recover yours. Write guest posts for other sites, speak at profile events, pitch your products to bloggers, leave comments on blogs and forums. Post viral content on your site and create infographics that other people will be happy to share. More importantly, you should never stop experimenting and exploring new opportunities. Also, remember that the process of building backlinks should go on forever.

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