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4 Tips for Choosing a Link Building Agency – Times Square Chronicles

ByVirginia D. Bannon

May 8, 2022

There’s no denying that being able to build quality links is important for businesses because it helps their websites stay competitive and relevant online. However, few organizations have the experience, time and knowledge to implement a successful campaign. Since the process of acquiring links for a property online can be tedious and require hard-to-reach resources, you could potentially waste time or risk being penalized if you choose to take on the task despite the lack of expertise needed.

That’s why many choose to leave the job in the capable hands of a link building agency like Ocere. But to enjoy all the benefits it offers, you need to choose the right company. If you don’t, you could be hiring one who uses questionable practices that could damage your site’s domain authority and lower its ranking on search engine results pages. Also, since your partner will be representing your organization online, you need to make sure they are reliable and honest. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1: Pick one that offers diverse links

When considering potential link building solutions for your business, it’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. There are different specialists for almost every niche, and it’s always a better option to have a partner with a diverse skill set instead of one who only focuses on one area. In other words, a versatile agency will serve you better, so limit your search to those that are jack-of-all-trades.

2. Check company reviews

Every business will be biased towards their products and services, and digital marketing experts are no exception. Therefore, you should not just take the word of the link building agency as gospel. Instead, examine what their past and present customers have to say about their offerings, as they may offer you more objective insight than the company itself. But be sure to read some reviews from reliable sources. This way, you’ll be certain that they didn’t just pay for or create the testimonials themselves.

3: Know the history of the agency

It is important to know the history of the link building agency before engaging with them. Favorable companies usually have reputable connections and stories that can be easily viewed on the blogs or forums they have contributed to. The firm’s experience should also reflect its work and practices. Conversely, if the agency you are looking for has a questionable history or lacks any track record, that is a clear indicator that you should look for another company.

4: Look for favorable references

While most SEO or search engine optimization companies typically have to sign NDAs when working for their clients, many use their favorable portfolio listings for testimonials. Asking for references and their work history is a smart move you should make. The critical aspect of building trust is the information the company chooses to share with you. If they give you too much, they could potentially share details about your business with potential rivals. Thus, it is better to choose a discrete supplier who only gives enough information to answer your questions and preserve the confidentiality of its customers.

5: Evaluate their backlinks

Another way to judge the ability of a link builder is to look at the backlinks that direct users to their websites. If they have the expertise you need, their online domain should have some great links. So be sure to evaluate their backlinks carefully, as this will allow you to carefully judge their value.

To get a desirable link building result, you need to secure the services of a reliable agency. With these tips, you can orient yourself towards the company that will best meet your needs. So be sure to follow them.